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Flu Prevention Tips for 2019 & 2020

The flu season is just around the corner as summer becomes fall and the virus begins to spread as early as September! While we always recommend getting a flu shot at a walk-in clinic, since it is the best way to prevent the flu, there are other ways to effectively prevent the virus from infecting you.

Contrary to popular belief, flu infections are more rampant during the fall and winter because people are more likely to spend more time indoors in close quarters, not due to the weather. The flu virus usually peaks from mid-October to January as more people crowd indoor spaces with the start of school, sports, and other key activities.

So what are some of the things you can do in order to prevent the flu virus?

Wash your hands frequently when possible

The flu virus primarily spreads from peer-to-peer contact, which means that hand washing and personal hygiene are extremely effective in preventing the flu.

Make sure you wash your hands whenever you get a chance after public events or sharing other public spaces. This way, your are less likely to spread germs and bacteria that host the influenza virus. Additionally, personal hygiene can also involve using short-term solutions like hand sanitizer and similar disinfectants.

Maintain clean spaces and avoid contact with infected individuals

A clean and tidy personal space is a significant factor that decreases your chances of getting the flu. Messy and unhygienic personal spaces at home, work, or elsewhere are more likely to harbor those germs and bacteria that carry the flu virus.

Use the appropriate cleaner for windows, countertops, tables, and similar personal spaces to reduce the chance that harmful bacteria can build up in your home. Routine dusting and vacuuming can also help reduce airborne and hard-to-find irritants in your home.

Avoiding contact with infected individuals is also a key part in preventing the flu. Look for the signs at school and work including sneezing, sniffling, nausea, and common flu symptoms to identify sick patients. Try to limit as much contact with these people as you can for at least a few weeks or so to avoid an infection. Sharing public spaces and peer-to-peer contact are the most common transmission mediums of the flu.

Again, make sure you get your flu shot ASAP!

It cannot be stressed enough how important the flu shot is in preventing a flu infection each year! A new vaccine is manufactured since the virus continuously updates and adapts each year. This means that the flu virus is never the exact same and that patients require a new flu shot.

Without the flu shot, you’ll run the risk of getting sick without first building up the immunity needed to fight off the flu virus. If you have any questions about affordable and convenient flu shots, please contact us immediately at AFC Urgent Care Tampa!