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Why should I get a flu shot at a walk-in clinic?

As we’ve mentioned in the AFC Urgent Care Tampa blog previously, the flu virus is one of the most preventable diseases as long as patients make sure they get their updated flu vaccine, or “flu shot.”

However, patients across the country are struggling to find affordable and high-quality options for a variety of healthcare services including vaccines and preventive services. The good news for patients is that walk-in clinics offer this level of convenience and affordability for a variety of medical services.

Unlike traditional healthcare facilities, a local walk-in clinic or urgent care center offers lower-than-average rates for medical services that patients need throughout the year. Walk-in clinics also accept patients on the same day they require care so they can plan their appointments ASAP. These general conveniences for patients also apply to the ability to get flu shots.

Below are just a few of the benefits of urgent care and walk-in clinics for patients that need a flu shot before the full-blown flu season kicks off!

You don’t need an appointment to get a flu shot at a walk-in clinic

Walk-in clinics are a pretty self-explanatory concept: patients simply walk in to a nearby clinic to get the care they need on a first-come, first-serve basis. For flu shots, patients just have to walk in and get their updated vaccine in just a few minutes.

Because the flu vaccine is re-manufactured annually to give patients the most recent immunity, walk-in clinics are able to provide the latest vaccine without the need for appointments. This is because urgent care staff are able to provide flu shots with ample supply as soon as patients visit a clinic!

Walk-in clinics offer affordable rates for flu shots

Patients have more options than ever to get their updated flu shot, but walk-in clinics offer competitive and lower-than-average rates for flu shots.

Sometimes, patients may see slight increases in their flu shot costs if they don’t have insurance or if their insurance provider isn’t in-network at a provider’s office. A walk-in clinic offers a lower rate for all patients regardless of their insurance status. This allows patients that need budget-friendly medical options to get the flu shot and prevent more expensive or worsening medical conditions.

Walk-in clinics are open whenever you need them!

Most patients have tight schedules that require them to potentially forgo and skip urgent medical services. However, the good news about walk-in clinics is that they are open daily at convenient hours so you can always get your flu shot this fall.

Patients that are located in Tampa can always visit AFC Urgent Care Tampa for flu shots at our walk-in clinic! Simply visit us at 6182 Gunn Hwy in Tampa, FL 33625!