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The Importance of Regular STD Testing

September is Sexual Health Awareness Month and while it should be a priority throughout the year, now is a great time to undergo STD testing and get yourself and your partner checked. Knowing your STD status is important to your overall health as well as your safety. Learn more about the importance of undergoing regular testing and when to visit your local walk-in urgent care center for a checkup.

Some STDs do not have physical symptoms

Certain diseases and infections can be present within your system without you experiencing physical symptoms. Others may present as more common conditions such as the cold and flu virus, causing you to experience runny nose, headache and fever. Because you may not seek immediate medical treatment for minor illnesses, you may unwittingly pass an infection along to other partners before it is detected.

Regular testing provides peace of mind

STD testing should be a regular part of your health routine: you should be tested when changing partners, if you have multiple partners or at least once per year. This keeps you aware of your status and can help you get any necessary treatment quickly upon diagnosis. AFC Urgent Care Tampa provides discreet STD testing on a walk-in basis for patients seven days per week to best accommodate our patients.

STDs can be spread without intercourse

In addition to being spread through vaginal, anal or oral sex, sexually transmitted diseases and infections can be spread through sharing needles or other drug materials. If you are not currently sexually active, you should still be undergoing periodic testing to keep aware of your status.

Many STDs can be treated

Many people avoid getting screened for STDs because they are afraid of their results and how their lives may be affected. However, many infections can be treated by your doctor. As soon as your results come in, your doctor will be able to begin treating your infection so you can live a safe and healthy life. The sooner you get tested, the sooner you will be able to let past partners know that they should also undergo screening. More serious STDs can be managed with medication prescribed by a specialist who can go through your symptoms and determine the best way to keep them under control so you can live a regular life.

Walk-in STD Testing in North Tampa & Citrus Park, FL

If you and your partner are interested in getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases, visit AFC Urgent Care Tampa today. Our center is open six days a week and offers convenient hours. STD testing is performed discreetly and results are processed in our on-site lab, allowing for quick results. For more information about STD testing, please call 813-960-1100.