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What The Benefits Of Primary Care For Patients?

Primary care, including annual checkups and physicals, is essential for ensuring that you and your family members are maintaining peak overall health. Without primary care, you may not take full advantage of the quality of life benefits offered by primary physicians.

Beyond physicals, primary care also includes other medical inquires, reviews, and consultations from your primary care provider. Primary providers work alongside you in order to help improve and consistently work towards a healthier lifestyle.

But what are some of the specific benefits of primary care and why should you consider getting your primary care services at AFC Urgent Care Tampa?

Primary care helps monitor and improve your medical conditions

Primary care providers perform a wide array of services in order to protect patients, ensure they remain healthy, and improve overall health. To do this, providers administer a series of preventive care services.

Most primary care providers schedule a routine annual physical, which measures the majority of a patient’s biometric measures. These include blood pressure, heart rate, height, weight, hearing, vision, cholesterol, and a review of chronic conditions. Doctors can use these measures to advise patients on how to take care of themselves.

As you engage with your primary provider, they will advise you on other ways to track and monitor your health conditions. You may come in for other visits to determine the next best course of treatment.

Primary Care providers maintain close relationships with their patients

One of the most important factors for success with primary care is establishing a bonafide patient-provider relationship that allows your doctor to handle sensitive and personal health goals.

Patients may not want to divulge personal details about their health unless a provider is willing to understand at a personal level some of the health concerns you have. That is why every primary care provider is trained to provide excellent beside manner, customer service, and personal healthcare guidance.

For example, primary care providers encourage their patients to talk about any other supplemental healthcare goals such as weight loss, nutrition, and similar health goals.

Patients are encouraged to get any other health questions, concerns, or goals planned out with their primary care provider!

Primary care is easily accessible at AFC Urgent Care Tampa

If patients are interested in scheduling appointments with a permanent primary care provider, then they should should AFC Urgent Care Tampa’s medical services!

AFC Tampa is unique in that it offers both primary care and urgent care services. While urgent care services are for immediate needs, we also offer primary care for patients 1 year or older. Just contact us or visit us directly for more information!