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What is Primary Care?

It is important to have a primary care physician at any age. Your primary care, or PCP, is a base for your medical needs ranging from checkups to illness and injury treatment, where you can be seen by a doctor who knows your medical history. Your primary care doctor is the first person you should go to for any major medical advice or decisions. AFC Urgent Care Tampa is proud to offer primary care services to people in North Tampa and the surrounding areas.

What does a Primary Care Do?

In addition to an annual physical or wellness visit, your primary care focuses on helping you prevent health problems and develops a plan to keep you healthy. If you fall ill with a cold, the flu or other acute illnesses, your PCP is there to provide guidance and options when it comes to managing chronic ailments. Services provided through primary care include:

  • Annual physicals and wellness visits
  • Vaccinations for all ages, including flu shots
  • Acute illness treatment including cold, flu, strep throat and bronchitis
  • Managing chronic condition symptoms and treatment and coordinating specialized treatment
  • Pediatric care

Why Do I Need a Primary Care Physician?

In addition to providing acute care for illnesses and injuries, your primary care physician has a hands-on role in helping you maintain your overall health. By setting a primary care physician and making annual appointments for checkups and physicals, you may be able to get ahead of chronic illnesses that can lead to specialized visits and higher medical bills. A primary care doctor will also be able to develop a relationship with you as they get to learn your medical history, specific needs and concerns. Because your PCP will know you, it cuts down on the time you have to spend explaining your needs to doctor after doctor as well as increasing your overall comfort levels with the experience.  

Who Needs Primary Care?

Primary care is recommended for people 1 year or older. A PCP is not only qualified to manage your care, but will be able to work with specialists to coordinate efforts to keep you healthy and active from young adulthood to senior age. Having a set center for primary care makes it easier to keep the whole family’s health concerns together.

Primary Care in Tampa & Citrus Park, FL

If you are looking for a primary care provider, visit AFC Urgent Care Tampa today! Our center is conveniently located in North Tampa, allowing us to provide care for the surrounding communities and neighborhoods. Most major insurance plans are accepted and bloodwork can be processed in our on-site lab for quick results. For questions about primary care or to set up a visit, please call 913-960-1100.