UPDATED COVID TESTING POLICIES: We are now doing COVID-19 testing through an in-person ticket system until slots are filled for the day. First come, first serve visits with demand varying day-to-day with appointments filling up by early morning.

UPDATED COVID TESTING HOURS: 8am to 4pm Mon-fri; 8am to 3pm Sat-Sun

What is the Right Way to Wash Your Hands?

Hand washing is something you should teach your children early in life as they begin to feed themselves and explore their surroundings, often getting their hands dirty. Especially as flu season makes its way through the Tampa area, making sure each member of your family washes their hands frequently and correctly can prevent the spread of illness at home, work and school.

What’s the most effective way to wash your hands?

In order to make sure you are disinfected and clean, make sure you are using soap and hot water. After getting your hands wet under running water, lather your hands with soap and scrub your palms, back of your hands, between your fingers and under your nails for at least twenty seconds. While teaching your children, have them sing the ABC song or Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star as they wash their hands to learn timing. After thoroughly scrubbing, rinse under hot water and dry your hands using a clean and dry towel.

When should you wash your hands?

Germs can be on your hands at any time, collecting throughout the day as you touch doorknobs, computer keys, stair rails and tabletops. Waiting to wash your hands makes it easy for you to become infected with a number of illnesses as you touch your face, eyes, nose, mouth and ears throughout the day. This also enables you to spread germs and illnesses to others. While it is nearly impossible to eliminate all germs, washing your hands frequently throughout the day will help limit their damage. you should always wash your hands before and after:

  • Preparing and eating food
  • Treating wounds and providing care to someone who is sick
  • Handling contact lenses
  • Using the restroom
  • Changing a diaper
  • Handling trash

When should I use hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer is an effective way to disinfect your hands if a sink or soap are unavailable. You should make sure the type you are using has at least 60% alcohol but using hand sanitizer cannot be used as a full replacement for washing your hands with soap and water. Hand sanitizer may not be effective if:

  • Your hands are visibly dirty
  • You have touched heavy metals or chemicals
  • Your hands are greasy

Walk-In Urgent Care & Illness Treatment in North Tampa, FL

If you or a member of your family develop an acute illness including a cold, fever or the flu this fall, visit AFC Urgent Care Tampa for treatment! Our center is open seven days a week and offers walk-in care for all patients. We also offer walk-in flu shots to patients looking to prevent catching the virus. For questions about our services, please call 813-960-1100.