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primary care

Primary Care Appointments that help patients stay healthy

As we discussed before on the AFC Urgent Care Tampa blog, primary care is the range of preventive services that help keep patients healthy throughout the year. Without primary care many patients could experience an overall worsening of their health.

A primary care provider, such as the ones at AFC Urgent Care Tampa, help provide a range of preventive services to help keep patients on the right track for good health. If you are curious about the types of preventive care that you can get at a doctor’s office please keep reading below to learn more!

Physical exams and routine checkups

The most effective preventive care service available at primary care offices is the routine physical, or any physical exam.

Each year, primary care providers ask their patients to come in for a yearly checkup that helps to measure their overall health. These checkups examine blood pressure, height, weight, vision, cholesterol, and other important heath measures. A physical’s results are then used to help determine the best course of action for maintaining or improving a patient’s health.

Primary care providers may also administer specific exams to test for new developments and ailments in their overall health.

Disease prevention is a significant part of primary care

Disease prevention is at the core of primary care services that help protect patients from infections, viruses, and other common diseases. Primary care providers will help to provide vaccinations.

For example, temporary vaccines like the flu shot can be administered by a primary care physician. In addition, primary care providers schedule routine vaccines throughout your life as a young children. This is a great segway into the next major service segment of primary care:

Primary care helps assist with pediatric care

Primary care providers that specialize in pediatric care, known as pediatricians, provide services that help your child maintain healthy development.

On top of preventive vaccinations, pediatric primary care helps to provide your child with healthcare recommendations, screenings, and other preventive care services to help your child maintain peak overall health.

Primary care covers a lot of needs for a majority of patients. Any patient that wants to get healthier needs to find a friendly and convenient primary care provider nearby.

The good news for patients in the Northeast Tampa region can get primary care services at AFC Urgent Care Tampa. Unlike other urgent care centers, our team provides primary care services for patients 1 year or older. If you need to know more information, please call us directly!