UPDATED COVID TESTING POLICIES: We are now doing COVID-19 testing through an in-person ticket system until slots are filled for the day. First come, first serve visits with demand varying day-to-day with appointments filling up by early morning.

UPDATED COVID TESTING HOURS: 8am to 4pm Mon-fri; 8am to 3pm Sat-Sun

COVID-19 and Occupational Health Services

The state of Florida is beginning to open up with a large number of food service businesses, office spaces, and commercial operations returning back to normal. However, many employees still need to manage COVID-19 risks and maintain infection control in the event that cases begin to spike.

The good news for many patients is that AFC Urgent Care Tampa offers COVID-19 antibody testing, swab testing for coronavirus, and occupational health services include return to work programs.

Employers and employees alike will likely need many different services to continue working, keep staff safe and healthy, and ensure that they can remain open as the state continues to monitor the coronavirus pandemic.

Pre-employment physicals and COVID-19 tests

Pre-employment services and COVID-19 testing are crucial for employees going back to work. Additionally, food service workers and businesses that are able to host customers indoors need coronavirus testing to help ensure servers are healthy and safe.

Businesses of all types need temperature checks, COVID-19 testing, coronavirus screenings, and contact tracing on top of routine employee health services. COVID-19 related healthcare needs are now an additional need with traditional healthcare services. Pre-employment physicals will also include the need for coronavirus testing, risk evaluation, and other COVID-19 risks.

If you’re a business owner that needs a new COVID-19 test and frequent employee screenings, or an employe that wants a test, then visit AFC Urgent Care Clearwater for COVID-19 occupational health services.

Frequent antibody testing and diagnostic testing

COVID-19 antibody testing allows employees to determine if they have immunity from COVID-19 due to a previous infection. A swab test, or diagnostic test, can determine if an employee currently has a coronavirus infection. Employee access to both types of tests is crucial for maintaining a safe workplace environment.

Antibody testing allows your employees to determine if they have a limited immunity to the coronavirus. An antibody test detects the presence of COVID antibodies, which indicate that an immune system can effectively fight off the virus and symptoms. Understanding immunity is especially important for food service employees that interact directly with customers for their needs.

Swab testing is just as important because it can help your staff learn if they have COVID-19, and ultimately if they need to quarantine at home before going back to work. As an employer, speak to your employees and nearby health service providers to increase access to testing.

Not sure where to schedule occupational health services that account for COVID-19 risks? Then speak to the team at AFC Urgent Care Tampa to get started!