UPDATED COVID TESTING POLICIES: We are now doing COVID-19 testing through an in-person ticket system until slots are filled for the day. First come, first serve visits with demand varying day-to-day with appointments filling up by early morning.

UPDATED COVID TESTING HOURS: 8am to 4pm Mon-fri; 8am to 3pm Sat-Sun

How Can Businesses Safely Return to Work?

The state of Florida is re-opening as bars, restaurants, corporate offices, and retail businesses are allowing customers to shop and eat in increased activity. As employers and employees return back to work, it is important to learn how to safely transition workers back to their jobs.

COVID-19 antibody testing and swab testing for coronavirus are just a few of the occupational health services that AFC Urgent Care Tampa can help provide for safe return-to-work procedures. Testing is going to be a significant part of the employee transition phase as the state continues to monitor COVID-19 risks.

However, businesses also have to make sure they are maintaining other safety and health protocols to protect employees and customers. A safe transition back to work requires a lot of steps in-between rehiring, restaffing, and re-opening.

If you need to set up occupational health services, then please contact AFC Urgent Care Tampa right away. We can help get your businesses started with various physicals and testing to safely re-open.

Frequent COVID-19 Testing

As we mentioned at the start of this blog, frequent COVID-19 testing is crucial to keep businesses open. Antibody testing allows your employees to learn if they are immune to a previous COVID-19 infection. Conversely, a swab test for coronavirus helps detect the active infection in a patient’s blood stream.

Both types of testing are crucial to make sure your employees don’t spread the virus in your workplaces. A swab test helps determine the need for quarantine and stay-at-home work policies. The antibody test helps determine if your patients are ready to fully come back to work in the near future.

Pre-employment physicals

Employees returning to work after quarantining for months also need accurate and accessible pre-employment physicals.

Many businesses may need to include COVID-19 risks on any back-to-work physical, as well as other traditional medical evaluations. Some businesses rely on these physicals to ensure that they have the available staff for any situation at their place of work.

Urgent care centers can provide pre-employment physicals to address these needs. Many locations, like AFC Urgent Care Tampa, can issue pre-employment physicals for the various needs of your employees. Physicals can help to evaluate an employee’s chronic health risks, COVID risks, and any other emergent healthcare needs.

Returning back to work requires thoughtful and proactive employer health services from a trusted provider. If you’re a local business in Tampa that needs proactive healthcare services, then contact our team today!