COVID-19 and Summer Safety Tips for Patients

This summer, the state of Florida is experiencing a rapid surge in COVID-19 cases. In fact, Florida is now the fastest growing state for positive coronavirus cases and is starting to lead the nation in most daily cases. The state is still open for business and many patients may need to take extra precautions to enjoy the summer season.

On top of the infection control precautions needed for COVID-19, families still need to be mindful of traditional summer safety and wellness risks. Sunburns, dehydration, insect bites, and similar hazards are still important to consider when going outside.

The return to the new normal is slowly trending, which means that COVID-19 will be another risk factor to be mindful of. At AFC Urgent Care Tampa, we want to make sure that all patients have access to COVID-19 testing whenever they can make an appointment. Simply call our location in advance to book.

Below, we’ve provided a set of safety guidelines and preventive care checklists so that you and your family can enjoy the summer season as safely as possible!

COVID-19 Summer Safety Skills

COVID-19 is preventable if patients take some time to prepare and minimize common risk factors.

Before any trip or activity start by learning more about the crowd size, location, and proximity to others. Large crowds, and crowding indoors, is far more likely to spread the coronavirus virus that outdoor, physically-distanced events. Outdoor recreation with appropriate social distancing is safe while indoor events are more risky.

To prepare for any trip, make sure you have the proper equipment and infection control skills in order to stay safe:

  • Bring a facemask to wear at all times
  • Carry hand sanitizer on your person
  • Wash your hands frequently throughout the day with hot water
  • Evaluate your risks: recent exposure to an infection persons, recent travel to a hotspot, and symptoms of COVID-19
  • Maintain social distancing and limit the need for indoor crowding
  • Consult a healthcare provider if you believe you have been exposed to COVID-19

Remember that sun safety is equally important

The coronavirus dominates news headlines, but sun safety for your family is equally important. Poor protection from the sun can lead to sunburns and dehydration. In serious cases, a person may need to visit an emergency department due to prolonged sun exposure.

Sun safety in the backyard, during a hiking or camping trip, at the beach, or during other forms of recreation is simple and effective:

  • Wear SPF 30 sunscreen at a minimum. Re-apply every 30-45 minutes
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day
  • Wear a hat and limit sun exposure
  • When possible, wear light clothing to avoid potential sunburns
  • Take frequent breaks in the shade or elsewhere when outside