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The Dangers of Deferred Care for Patients: COVID-19 Concerns for Urgent Care

COVID-19 in Florida has created significant social and economic impacts on our communities. Even more troubling is that COVID-19 cases are not slowing down anytime soon, which means that more and more patients are deciding to skip their medical appointments and address other medical needs including primary care visits and urgent care appointments.

Even nationally, a significant number of patients are afraid or overly-cautious about COVID-19 and decide to forgo urgent care. In the U.S, this pattern of “deferred care” is poised to cause significant problems for many patients. As patients neglect medical care they are more likely to experience worsened health and other personal impacts.

Do you fall under this category? Then make sure to visit AFC Urgent Care Tampa ASAP to make sure that your healthcare is in check.Our clinic offers non-COVID care and can treat other illnesses, injuries, and other healthcare concerns.

Our providers maintain our walk-in clinic with CDC-recommended protocols for infection control to ensure that you don’t experience a COVID-19 infection while getting care. If you’re more interested in impacts of deferred care, then keep reading below:

How does deferred care impact me?

We briefly defined deferred care as the behavior of patients neglecting or ignoring the need for necessary medical care. Traditionally, deferred care is caused by a struggle to pay a bill, poor access to a healthcare facility, and lack of healthcare insurance. But with COVID-19 risks, more and more patients are staying at home and forgoing medical care because of infection risks. Patients must understand that certain healthcare facilities can provide safe, infection-free healthcare experiences or else they may suffer the consequences of deferred care.

Patients that defer care may see their health gradually worsen since a healthcare provider wasn’t able to provide proper treatment. On top of that, a patient’s worsened healthcare condition is far more likely to be more expensive, take more time to treat, and create long-term healthcare consequences. Deferred care may even ballon your healthcare costs ten fold if you have an undiagnosed chronic condition.

COVID-19 free urgent care in Tampa, FL

If you believe you need medical care, then book an appointment or visit AFC Urgent Care Tampa for urgent care. Our providers offer a clean and sanitary medical facility so that you don’t have to worry about an infection. We disinfect all surfaces, enforce social distancing in our clinic for all patients, wear personal protective equipment (PPE), and triage injuries in private, disnifected exam rooms.

Deferred care could potentially impact your life more than the coronavirus. Please call our urgent care center today to learn more and schedule a visit.