UPDATED COVID TESTING POLICIES: We are now doing COVID-19 testing through an in-person ticket system until slots are filled for the day. First come, first serve visits with demand varying day-to-day with appointments filling up by early morning.

UPDATED COVID TESTING HOURS: 8am to 4pm Mon-fri; 8am to 3pm Sat-Sun

Personal Healthcare Checklist for the Fall 2020 Season:

Fall 2020 is going to be quite challenging for many patients. Healthcare providers at AFC Urgent Care Tampa are here to help patients make sure they are prepared to stay healthy with the challenges of flu season, are aware of common preventive care techniques, and can safely avoid seasonal illnesses this fall season. 

The spike of COVID-19 cases in South Florida, the upcoming flu season, and of course the need for accessible healthcare are major factors that impact every patient. Finding ways to prevent diseases, use healthcare effectively, and reduce seasonal risks are necessary for everyone to stay safe this season. 

Get your flu shot ASAP

Flu shots are by far the most effective way to ensure that patients are not likely to get a flu infection this fall season. Each year, the flu virus impacts millions of patients and a significant number of communities in Tampa and South Florida. A flu shot allows a patient to protect their body against the virus. 

When a patient needs to get a flu shot, they should do it as soon as they can. An early flu helps protect against sudden surges in flu cases and helps your body develop antibodies against new influenza strains. A yearly vaccine is needed since the virus adapts and changes each year. 

Any check ups or provider physicals are key 

Visit your urgent care provider whenever possible to ensure that you are healthy and staying on top of key healthcare appointments. Check ups, follow up care, seasonal illness treatment, and more are all available at a local urgent care center. 

Walk-in care is available at an urgent care center, where patients can get affordable and accessible testing throughout the year. In addition, urgent care centers follow CDC-protocols for infection control so that every visit is safe. Patients can also call or contact our team with more questions. 

Any sudden illness symptom requires an urgent care visit 

Sneezing, coughing, congestion, headache, and fever are all treatable symptoms available at an urgent care center whenever your allergies, asthma, cold, or flu symptoms are acting up. Book an appointment by calling and contact us right away. 

Urgent care providers at AFC Tampa are here to ensure that all of our patients have accessible, affordable, and high-quality care all times of the year. Even during this challenging time our team is dedicated to giving you the right care whenever you need it.