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What should I know about the COVID-19 Delta Variant?

COVID-19 cases are starting to climb back with the rise of the now dubbed “COVID-19 Delta Variant.” According to the CDC (via The Hill), Delta Variant infections now account for nearly 93 percent of all cases. The rise in overall cases as well is contributed by uneven vaccination rates throughout the United States: meaning that the spread of this new COVID variant could lead to an uptick in COVID cases in both vaccinated and unvaccinated patients.

Below is our quick guide to help patients ensure that they know everything they need to about the delta variant and how they can stay safe with a COVID-19 test at AFC Urgent Care Clearwater!

When was the delta variant found? How did it spread so quickly?

The COVID Delta variant was first identified in India at the end of 2020 and soon transmitted in outbreaks across the U.S due to more frequent travel, larger social gatherings, and greater risk for unvaccinated patients.

As of July 2021, an alarming majority of patients that have COVID-19 infections are likely to have it from a delta variant infection, based on recent infectious disease surveillance from federal and local healthcare departments.

Who is most at risk for Delta Variant infections? Does the vaccine protect against the virus?

The most at-risk patients for COVID infections and delta variant infections are non-vaccinated individuals. Patients that don’t have their COVID-19 vaccinations are extremely susceptible to infections from both variants of the virus.

Patients that do have their vaccine are more protected than non-vaccinated individuals from the delta variant. While the vaccine isn’t a 100% guarantee that you won’t get COVID, any vaccine available for the virus greatly increases your immunity to new infections. However, patients that are vaccinated have a great risk of infection when in contact with the delta variant.

Communities that have a highly even ratio of vaccinated patients, a higher proportion of unvaccinated to vaccinated patients, could create “hyper localized infections” where infection rates become high among both vaccinated and unvaccinated residents.

Can current COVID-19 tests help detect infections regardless of variant?

COVID-19 tests at AFC Urgent Care Clearwater are able to help patients get the diagnosis they need to stay safe regardless of COVID-19 variants.

Our COVID-19 tests can detect a COVID diagnosis for patients regardless of variant, however, our tests do not specifically diagnose the type of variant that is causing your COVID infection. This means that you can trust our tests to determine if you have a full-blown COVID infection that is visible to all variant types.

If you need COVID-19 test today then visit AFC Urgent Care Clearwater for a test via walk-in visit. Our urgent care provider team is ready to make sure that you are ready for any COVID testing needs.