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When Should I Go To Urgent Care with Flu-Like Symptoms?

The influenza virus is a major concern in Florida this winter, with multiple strains reported in the southern half of the state and complications including pneumonia and severe exhaustion resulting in the hospitalization of thousands. While Type A is generally more common in the early part of flu season, a spike in cases of Type …

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How To Deal With SADS

How to Deal with SADS If you aren’t familiar with the seasonal affective disorder (SAD)—is it defined as a type of depression that occurs because of season changes. Winter is primarily the most impactful for those affected by SAD, as it is gloomy and cold with less sunlight exposure. Depending on your gender, age, and …

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Winter Sickness

Common Winter Health Problems

Common Winter Health Problems in Tampa, FL   Sometimes the cold weather can be unforgiving, causing health issues you didn’t see coming, such as the flu or even heart problems. Below we have listed common winter health problems and how you can fight them off this season. At-Risk for Contracting the Flu Virus When it’s …

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