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The Dangers of Deferred Care for Patients: COVID-19 Concerns for Urgent Care

COVID-19 in Florida has created significant social and economic impacts on our communities. Even more troubling is that COVID-19 cases are not slowing down anytime soon, which means that more and more patients are deciding to skip their medical appointments and address other medical needs including primary care visits and urgent care appointments. Even nationally, …

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COVID-19 and Occupational Health Services

The state of Florida is beginning to open up with a large number of food service businesses, office spaces, and commercial operations returning back to normal. However, many employees still need to manage COVID-19 risks and maintain infection control in the event that cases begin to spike. The good news for many patients is that …

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How High-Risk COVID-19 Patients Manage Infections

COVID-19 cases are slowing down across the U.S as of May 2020, which means that more businesses are opening and more people are breaking quarantine. For high-risk patients, this may mean that COVID-19 infections could spike or increase if they are not careful. As individuals return to work, high-risk patients still need to evaluate their …

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What are the different types of COVID-19 Testing?

COVID-19 testing is becoming more and more available as public health agencies and local healthcare providers have access to adequate supply. Testing for the novel coronavirus was extremely limited in the opening months of the pandemic, but now supplies are catching up with demand. The increase in COVID-19 demand means that patients now have access …

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Frequently Asked Questions About Coronavirus

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, originated in Wuhan, China and has been found in over 27,000 cases within the state of Florida as of April 22nd, 2020.. Heightened concern over illness is happening across the country. Learning the symptoms and when to visit a physician is critical to avoiding illness and exposure until a cure is found. …

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