Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation in Tampa FL

Taking care of your employees is a critical part of running a business. If one of your employees has been injured and needs medical attention AFC Urgent Care Tampa is here to help! We understand the complexities and challenges that are often associated with workers compensation, insurance plans, and other health care programs. 

Injuries Treated On a Walk-in Basis   

If your employee is injured and needs to be seen on the same day we will treat the following services: 

  • Fractures
  • Infections
  • Sudden Illness
  • Cuts, Gahses (Administrator stitches)                     

If an employee is injured on location we will gather all of the information we feel that is necessary to ensure that they will be covered under their specific worker’s compensation plan. 

Why Choose us?

AFC Urgent Care is one of the few Urgent Care facilities that understand workers compensation and will ensure that we can cover you under your plan. The convenience of AFC Urgent Care Tampa is rare, an employee can be injured, treated and returned back to work in the same if necessary. We strive to always give the best care we can at an upbeat tempo. 


For any more questions or concerns about our worker’s compensation plan please call 813-960-1100